Dropbox Data Room Features and Functions

Dropbox is a trusted cloud storage service in the IT market. Today this software solution also works as a secure data room to satisfy basic business needs in document management. In this article, we will talk about how to use Dropbox to get the most out of it.

The purposes of using Dropbox

Dropbox data room is a service that allows you to store company files in secure storage, synchronize them between different devices, and enable users to meet the requirements of mobility and interaction with each other. This is a tool for easy and reliable file sharing, especially for businesses. The software offers enhanced data security measures, an easy-to-use interface, customer support, and collaboration tools. This data room solution is suitable for both large and small organizations, both government and commercial ownership. The software includes many modules that expand the capabilities of the system.

The Dropbox service can be used for a variety of purposes. Describing possible scenarios in which this service will be useful can take a long time. Therefore, we will consider the most popular:

  • The service can be used to back up important files. Everyone has ever faced a situation where an important file is needed or was deleted. Admittedly, this is very unpleasant. But by uploading important files to the software repository, you will be able to recover a lost document at any time.
  • It is used to synchronize files between multiple computers. If you work on several computers, with the help of Dropbox your documents will always be at hand and you will not have to deal with a bunch of flash drives or disks.
  • You can use this service to upload files to other users. To do this, simply download the file to the cloud storage, get a link to the file and send it in any convenient way. In this case, the amount of data transmitted in this way is not limited.
  • In addition, the data room is very convenient to use to transfer files from a personal computer to a smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is install the application on the gadget.

Is Dropbox secure for business?

According to Dropbox’s official statement, they use AES-256 as well as PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) encryption for apps and mobile devices. The latter allows the use of an SSL private key, which adds an extra layer of encryption to the connection. Thus, the protection of the transmitted data is increased and the current session is separated from the previous ones.

In addition, Dropbox has built-in HSTS functionality. This web script forces a secure, encrypted HTTPS connection, even if the link initially specifies an HTTP connection. This method also improves security.

Additionally, Dropbox encrypts files with a key that is on the user’s device to provide strong cryptographic control. If we are talking about a corporate tariff, then customers receive a unique SSH key, thanks to which they can control access to the centralized management system. At the same time, two keys are involved simultaneously: public (the system recognizes the user by it) and closed (authorization is carried out by it). To save the SSH key, tokens (crypto flash drives) are usually used, which are separate from the computer or other device.

To further increase the reliability of the service, the Dropbox data room includes a two-factor authentication system. It can consist of both a PIN code and a USB key that supports the FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol. U2F uses cryptographically secure communication and provides additional protection against data theft, such as through phishing attacks.